Australian Alps, Kirra Galleries, VIC, 2013

I grew up in Perth Western Australia, a city of extreme isolation where nature is a beautiful, yet harsh reality. It was there in my early formative years I developed a profound appreciation and love for the natural environment.

As part of my education as a glassmaker and as an artist, I traveled many times to Scandinavia. These trips have been instrumental in my development of my understanding of glass as a material and in forming my aesthetic as an artist. It was in Denmark and in Sweden that I again began to look at the landscape drawn to the soft transitions in colour that were so different from the intense bright light that is Western Australia. It was also during this time that I first began to use the camera, first as a means of personal record then later becoming integral part of my artwork.

Having comeback to Australia and living in the ACT and now in Melbourne Victoria, I have in the past seven years began investigating the Australian Alps. It is there, in and around places like Thredbo, Perisher and Falls Creek I have begun my journey anew and have developed an appreciation for and understanding of this unique landscape. These artworks are personal photographic documentations of walks taken the past year at different times of day and in different seasons. By using glass I hope to take the viewer with me on my journey and to appreciate these unique and beautiful landscapes that are the Australia Alps.