"Shelter" Craft, VIC,2013

Holly Grace has created a new large-scale installation work that explores Australia’s highland huts. Grace’s work investigates the dividing line between the nature and the man-made, examining these small structures that were built to survive the harshest of environments.

For Shelter, Holly Grace has created work that explores the fragile threshold between nature and the man-made. Glass and photography are combined to create artwork that explores the Australian landscape and our human interaction with it.

Grace takes us on a journey with her as she investigates the huts and their surrounding landscape. Personal photographs that document these trips are integrated with blown glass panels to create a shadow landscape. These shadows show us both the photographic image and marks made in the glassmaking process, creating a landscape that is representative of nature and the inherent qualities of glass. Glass has a skin that acts as a memory and any marks made by the maker become part of the object. This is similar to marks and patterning that happens on wood and corrugated iron over time through exposure to a harsh environment.

Grace’s exhibition at Craft is a culmination of a six-week residency at the Canberra Glassworks, where she investigated the integration of kilnform blown glass panels with digital images.