"The Real and the Imagined" Beaver Galleries, ACT, 2014

The Real and the Imagined investigates the narrative between the Australian Landscape and the romanticism of the sublime by blurring the boundaries between the two. Through photographic survey, patterns found in nature are directly transferred and etched onto hand blown glass surfaces. Further exploration and manipulation of these surfaces reinterpret the luminous canvas and blurs the boundaries between the reality of the photograph and the imagination of the maker.

The work presented in this exhibition is a culmination of a 4 week Thomas Foundation Residency at the Canberra Glassworks that took place from the 2nd to 29th September 2014. Some of these artworks exhibited are works progress and show the developmental phases involved in making a new body of work. The intent of the exhibition is not just to show finished artworks but the stages of research and development that are integral part of a residency experience.